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OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging position as Technical Architect with a growth-oriented organisation where my skills, experience will be utilised to their full potential. 


» Security: extranet implementation, digital certificates, PKI, encryptor (hardware/software)
» Operating System: SUN SOLARIS, WINDOWS (NT/2000), LINUX, SCO UNIX
» Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, mySQL, DB2
» Application/HTTP Servers: BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Oracle 9iAS, Tomcat, JBoss, IIS/MTS, Apache, Nescape
» Information Modeling: DB modeling/maintenance (Erwin) (logical/physical), XML Schema Definition (XML Spy), Class Diagrams (Rational Rose), Sequence Diagrams, State Transition Diagrams, Entity Relationship Diagrams, UML, Rational Unified Process (RUP)
» Programming Languages: JAVA, Visual Basic, C/C++, Pascal
» Scripting Languages: JSP, ASP (VB Script/JScript), Java Script, PHP
» B2B/B2C experience: WebMethods (B2B), Ariba, XML, Rosettanet, OAG, XML messaging, SOAP, ebXML 
» Development Environment: IBM Visual Age for JAVA, WebGain Symantec Café, Microsoft Interdev

» Logistics: Loggex Logistics- Multi-language Java BEA WebLogic Courier Portal – XML same day delivery partners integration with webMethods
» Government: Ontario Land Registration (LRO)/LandNet – Writs Search Java web Portal, Java web Portal for Ontario Lawyers and Secure Document Transfer, web Integration, Minessota Health Agency (MOH) – Java web eForms, Security
» Telecom: Bell Canada Enterprise – Intranet Enterprise Bi-lingual Portal and hardware/software planning
» Financial: MY VISA - Security Extranet- hardware/software solution for client integration
» Marketing: Marketing Inc. -Generic Reporting Tools
» Professional Associations: Ontario Lawyers – Secure Document/Portal


» Problem solving oriented, able to co-ordinate the analysis and production of a development team, interpersonal and negotiation skills
» Able to provide a track record (from previous engagements) for meeting strict deadlines
» Excellent businesses requirement understanding, multiple language skills, able to come up with new idea and improvements, able to make strategic recommendations 
» Capable to translate business requirements to functional specifications. 
» Excellent ability to plan, organise, prioritise my work and to meet on time the deadlines of my clients and keep customer's satisfaction at the highest level possible.
» Well-organised, efficient, quick learner, self-motivated and excellent mathematics background 
» Experienced in a variety of industries (software, banking, telecom, government). 
» Committed to learning new technologies. 
» Good organizational and prioritization skills.


August 2002 – current Client: Movvgex Technologies. 

Position: Architecture/Same-day delivery integration
Technologies: webMethods, Java2EE, WebLogic, SUN, Apache HTTP, Custom XML based infrastructure, Oracle, security, ARIBA
Loggex Logistics Inc. was considered the first same day courier e-aggregator (ASP model designed for millions transaction daily via XML webMethods integration) and application service provider (ASP) to leverage the power of the Internet to automate the same day courier delivery and payment process for organizations (from very large to small once), driven by recurring billing.

» Designed and developed a technology solution to move from an ASP (service provider) model to custom portals to be deployed on different hardware for large organization using J2EE Infrastructure.
» Documented end-to-end architecture of the whole system (several servers - cluster Apache/webLogic, Oracle Sun webMethods server, NT webMethods Server, adaptors, JAVA Swing Client Server Application, VB6 legacy invoicing application)
» Reconfigured Java/XML based CSR monitor to work with a new configured webMethods server/adapters.
» Updated XML documents for new requirements for the user.
» Created a complex custom enterprise JAVA (J2EE) infrastructure architecture (similar to Struts) with a set of generic services (connection pooling, hierarchical translation, locale services/internationalization, XML navigation, language cashing and dynamic language loader, startup configuration, security etc). This framework can be used to develop java applications using this predefined set of generic services. Built on top of open standards (applets, servlets, EJB, JSP, XML, XSL, J2EE) it also runs on any applet/servlet enabled web server. It brings to development a clear separation of view from the data and acts as a middle layer.
» Recommended and documented Technology Requirements and Project Plan including resources for a new deployment in Eastern US.
» Created new web services that were needed by the generic infrastructure
» Created a new set of libraries of generic custom tags needed for future development
Created documentation for the whole infrastructure
» Wrote a full-scale demo application for myServer.
» Assessed existing software, understood modules, made changes in order to be able to customize the whole application, documented interaction between modules
» Provided guidance and direction to team members in their day-to-day activities
» Presented a project plan about changes that have to be made.
» Created specification documentation for security software requirements.
» Monitor the quality of work, responsible for technical quality assurance.
» Conducting presentations and walkthroughs of deliverables to internal and external clients
» Lead the design and development of the software distribution mechanism

March 2001 – August2002 - Minessota Health Systems – document management system
eForms Technology Architect/Team Coordinator (contract) 
Technologies: JAVA2EE, JSP, XML, Oracle 9iAS Application Server, Oracle DB/Solaris/Unix, XML, JavaScript, development on Windows 2000, WebGain Visual Café, myServer Infrastructure
» Participated directly with client to do requirements analysis, project plan, scope documents, screen definition, web navigation in order to create the requirements documentation
» Created dynamic ML vectorial wizard type forms, with multiple levels.
» Created a full proof of concept web application in order to provide good understanding and advice for end clients. Presented project plan and got approval for work scope from US Government client.
» Designed the database models using Erwin and Oracle Designer, created entities and relationships.
» Implemented business logic using Stored Procedures that were tested using a custom build Java SQL browser based tool.
» Consulted with Health Officials staff to ensure approach is consistent with Agency standards and direction
» Developed the whole application using our product Developed JSP templates using Macromedia tools.
» Wrote several JSP Custom Tags in order to create dynamic forms that are easy to maintain. 
» Created Java Beans that auto-mapped to stored procedures parameters in order to generate dynamic content for the whole website.
» Created documentation for project planning, security, and infrastructure
» Obtained approval and signoff of completed deliverables from client.
» Provide guidance and direction to team members in their day-to-day activities
» Conducting presentations and walkthroughs of deliverables agency’s technical stuff.

June 2000 – March 2002 Client: Longex Trucking Inc. 
Senior Technology Architect – Contract Term 
Technologies: Java, WebLogic, SUN clusters, Apache Http servers in cluster, SSL, Oracle Replication, Symantec Java, webMethods, XML, B2B server, Ariba, Rosettanet, UML, Rational Rose, Erwin, digital certificates, ASP model, Integration of MapInfo, Zip Info and PC*MILER.
» Architect for a large WebLogic portal targeted for North American same day deliveries with multi language support.
» Involved in all technology requirements and planning stages, from internal development platform, to final deployment at a large service provider.
» Integrated our solution with other existing hardware already owned by large corporate clients (Manhattan Bank, Semprio, FutureShop) 
» Created custom wizards for client registration, order entry, administration, search, news, documents etc.
» Implemented a full transaction engine using XML messaging/dialog from scratch.
» Designed the logical and physical DB (over 250 tables) for a complex application.
» Planned hardware resources to provide good support for our software system.
» Wrote custom stored procedures needed in import, clean, process, and make data available for production.
» Proposed state-of-the-art Java solution using XML messaging based technologies to integrate existing courier’s stand-alone applications (legacy software – from application running on Unix to simple DOS based software), webBased applications, ARIBA, e-commerce portals into a large heterogeneous same-day delivery network that integrates couriers and shippers across North America.
» Defined an XML API standard for Same-Day Delivery Order Specification in order to communicate with our partners (potentially to be published on OAG or RosettaNet) that was used by webMethods CSR monitor 
» Researched webMethods and custom adaptors in order to enable XML integration
» Participated in integration process with clients that had their own portals and they wanted to use our services (ASP Model) for their same day shipment needs/e-procurement.  
» Provide guidance and direction to team members in their day-to-day activities

July 1999 – June 2000: Landmark Systems Inc. – Title Insurance - Ontario
Position: Portal Technical Architect 
Technologies: IBM Websphere/webLogic application server, Netscape Entreprise, Visual Age for Java, EJB, JAVA, Servlets, JConnect, JSP, DB2, Sybase, NT, HP UNIX, digital certificates, NT/IIS/ASP/MTS
» Responsible for technical architecture definition of this complex distributed portal system and a secure document transfer application, including PKI.
» Investigated and wrote code that made Web enabled application to connect to legacy mainframe/Unix LRO offices applications (database owned by Ontario Government).
» Responsible for development and interface with payment server (TouchNet) for credit card payment with Royal Bank involving mainframe processing application
» Team member in defining Secure Document Transfer a way for Ontario lawyers to exchange document securely 
» Involved in Java cryptography in order to keep documents safely on the servers 
» Participated in requirements capturing, documenting user request and functional specifications 
» Involved in the designing team to create object models and database design (Erwin) – 150 tables. 
» Developed core business objects with Java (Entreprise IBM Visual Age environment) to be used by front-end developers and coordinated their activities through several iterations using Servlets and JSP running on IBM Websphere.
» Developed components that connected JAVA servlets to LDAP and/or other databases using connection polling
» Participated in several design sessions and code reviews in order to create common development strategies (eg. error handling, exceptions, best practices, session management etc.)
» Wrote several uses cases, made design of classes using Rational Unified Process and UML. 
» Designed and developed several Servlets, JSPs, JAVA classes for presentation lawyer 
» Participated in several network planning, hosting, cluster solutions meetings
» Lead the design and development of the software distribution mechanism

June 1998–July 1999: Bellisimma Telco, Toronto, Canada
Position: Intranet Architect
Technologies: NT, SQL Server, IIS, MTS, VB, LDAP, C++, VB, COM
» Responsible for architecture, design, implementation and deployment of a geographically distributed intranet infrastructure to be used by a large user community (+40,000 Bellisima employees). The system provided high availability, database replication, dual commit, no single point of failure, fast response time, remote web based administration, publishing, replication and security. 
» Involved in several releases and projects as: Bellisima - Enterprise Portal, Web Site and Application Frameworks, Security, Server Technology, Information Frameworks, Problem Scenarios, Networking etc. 
» Designed and developed several Web application, server and client side using ASP/VB classes, Java Script, VB Script, MTS, SQL, LDAP etc. to create an automated company wide Web Hosting system to be used by BELL families of companies and departments. 
» Made decisions for the best solution (security, scalability, price) that fit the budget and met Bell Security requirements 

Jan 1998–June 1998 Company: Mondo Bank, VISA Cards, Toronto, Canada
Extranet Architect
Technologies: NT, SQL Server, IIS, MTS, VB, LDAP, C++, VB, COM, PKI
» Responsible for the design and implementation of a secure Extranet and Intranet solution (dial-up and Internet) that allows secure file download, online corporate VISA statements preview and download, application forms online, custom data retrieval, online database access. 
» Involved in hardware selection and software development, security using 128bit encryption, certificates, SSL communication. 
» Lead the analysis, definition and recommendation of Windows Security model consistent with best practices and policies for authentication, authorization and user management.
» Implemented an Extranet/Intranet -VPN (Virtual Private Network) using Isolation Systems/Shiva products that provide secure communications across any network (components: firewall, encryptor, router/bridge, access controller, certificates, PKI) 
» Designed and implemented a custom Intranet/Extranet access management tool, by creating a custom Security Manager that is used to create user accounts and manage file/directories permissions from a remote workstations low level APIs (UID, ACL, ACE, DACL, SACL etc.) 
» Involved in redesign of a database splitter program for banking application that will retrieve files from warehouse, archive files not needed, and create special tables available for fast queries. (1M rows per month)
» Created custom bilingual electronic application forms (available online and on diskette) that will be distributed to all Purchasing Cards clients using a custom made printing class. 
» Wrote generic SQL stored procedures (dynamic names and fields) to speed up Fraud account research on 30GB of data. 
» Involved in all project stages from several design and proposal meetings with main Toronto networking companies (Bell, Nortel, Allan Crawford, GE Capital, Security Dynamics, Intria, Isolation Systems - suppliers of products as firewalls, routers, remote access, VPN devices etc.) to final implementation 
» Researched several networking products from Cisco, IBM, Shiva, Milkyway, Northern Telecom, Isolation System, CheckPoint etc. 
» Made decision for the best solution (security/scalability/price) that fit the budget and met MY DB Security requirements 

Oct 1998: Securicom Inc, Toronto, Canada
» Lead the analysis, definition and recommendation of Windows Security model consistent with best practices and policies for authentication, authorization and user management.
» Created domain lookup application for SSL/ 128 versus 40 bit key encryption

May 1994 – Oct 1998 MR Marketing Reasearch Inc., Markham, Canada
Position: System Analyst
Used Erwin to design a complex DB hierarchy for all retailed products in Canada. Over 400 tables structure.


» 1988-1993 University of Toronto - Computer Engineering Faculty 
M.Sc. Degree in Computer Engineering - major in Software Engineering 
» 1993-1994 University of Toronto - Faculty of Economics (3 years) 
International Business Courses 
(Money and Banking & International Monetary diploma) 


» B2B XML/JAVA (2002), SOAP definition (2001), IBM Websphere App Server (2000) – IBM professional course, CORBA (1998) BEA, Internet Security (1998)– Security Dynamics Inc. seminar, MFC (1997) and SQL Server (1996)- Microsoft Curriculum Course, Rational Rose (1996) - OOA/OOD seminar, Advanced C++ (1995) , International Monetary (1993), Money and Banking(1992) 


English, French, German, Italian 


All previous work places can provide references and are available upon request.


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