You can start with the Internet available directories, but there are still a lot of directories available at Reference Libraries.

Go to Toronto Public Library website and University of Toronto Corporate Resources Directory.

For language skills improvement go to ESL (English as a Second Language).

Here is a list of some directories where you can find valuable information. It is important to take notes about companies that appear interesting. Search for some of them if they have a Internet version.

General Industry Specific
Manufacturing Information on Specific Companies
Services Other Sources

  • Industry Specific
  • General & Special
  • Other Sources
  • Newspapers - Advertisements
  • Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Government Directories
  • Employment Agencies
  • Information on Specific Companies
  • Blue Book of Canadian Business now Canadian Business Resource
  • Canadian Key Business Directory
  • Dun's Directory of Service Industries
  • Dun's Regional Business Directory, Toronto

  • Scott's Directories
  • Canadian Trade Index
  • Business Opportunities Sourcing System - Products and Companies
  • Fraser's Canadian Trade Directory

  • Canadian Key Business Directory
  • Dun's Directory of Services Companies
  • Scott's Industrial Directory-Toronto
  • Metro Toronto Professional and Service Directory
  • General and Special
  • Guide to Canadian Financial Services Industry
  • Who's Who
  • Advanced Technology Companies in Greater Metropolitan Toronto
  • Career Directory
  • Financial Post 500
  • Consulting Engineers of Canada
  • Consulting Engineers of Ontario
  • Directory of Associations
  • Directory of Community Services in Metropolitan Toronto
  • Government Directories
  • Agencies, Boards and Commissions
  • Guide to Federal Government Programs and Services
  • Corpus Administrative Index
  • KWIC Index
  • Newspapers - Advertisements
  • Topical - Ontario Government
  • Job Mart - Ontario Government
  • Report on Business - Globe and Mail
  • Financial Post

Industry specific

Information on specific Companies
  • Annual reports for Canadian companies traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and corporate files
  • Financial Post Investment Reports
  • Canadian Valueline

Other Sources:
  • Internet
  • Department of Consumer and Commercial Relations
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Boards of Education
  • Metro Toronto Business Journal
  • Ontario Business Journal


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