Let your friends and neighbors know that you are looking for a position. Don't be shy, ask them if they know of any available position and get as much information as you can. Obtain addresses of companies that they work for. You can use them later as a referral.

You have to build your personal NETWORK.

Cold Calling
A very good way to contact a potential employer is COLD CALLING. This implies to contact people that you don't know in person or by phone. First you have to research the company before making this type of contact. Find out what that company does, how many employees are employed there, get a list of potential contact names etc.

  • If you contact directly, in person, (as I did) get up early in the morning, dress appropriate (look very professional), bring with you all your documents as diplomas, awards, certificates, as well as your resume (several copies). Try to get in touch first with person from Human Resources or a department manager that is responsible with hiring. Don't think that you are a looser if the secretary tells you that this people that you want to see are busy or there are no positions available. Be persistent and ask if you can wait until the meeting is over, or ask for another day, don't give up too easily. At least if this doesn't work leave a copy of your resume. If they are interested in hiring you, they will get in touch with you. The best is if you call back to see if that person has already gotten your resume. Sometimes we got the offer for an interview right away, other times after couple of days. Once I dropped my resume off at a prospective employer and I was called 7 months later for an interview which lead to a job offer.

    Don't expect 100% of these visits will give positive results, this really worked for us and several people that we know. Keep searching and looking for other places and methods. At least you get some experience on how to present yourself at every contact you try to make. You might identify mistakes and do better next time.

    Don't forget some employers want this kind of people that "fight" for a position.

  • If you make contact by phone ensure that you are well prepared for this type of call. Is very important that you have notes about the people you want to talk with, list and type of positions, company data, hiring policies, etc. Have a comfortable and quite place when you are having this type of conversation. Be prepared to take notes. Be confident, feel like a winner when you call. Be ready to tell a short story about yourself. Listening carefully and take notes. If you are asked to send a resume, do it, but ask if you can bring one personally. Face to face contacts are always better.



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