Most common mistakes made in a interview

This is a list of mistakes compiled from numerous resources and our experience!

  • Inappropriate attitude, lack of interest and too passive and indifferent
  • Not knowing enough about the company you want to work for
  • Arriving late without excuses
  • Not maintaining eye contact with the interviewer
  • Misrepresenting your skills and experience being "out" of position fit
  • Lack of enthusiasm when the position is presented
  • Not having questions about the position and not answering questions
  • Being over-aggressive and appearing to be "a know it all" type of person
  • Unwilling to start from a lower position, over estimate yourself too soon
  • Making only negative remarks about your previous employer
  • Give the impression that you want the job only for short time
  • Showing a narrow interest in position and a major one in the size of salary without knowing what the position is about or worth
  • Hesitate, nervous or lack of vitality etc.


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