..consider when you build your resume
  • Think about yourself! Identify first what you have to offer by assessing your experience, education, talents, skills, and last but not least your goals. If the needs of an employer match what you offer then the chances of getting that position are high.
  • If you apply direct to Human Resources departments keep in mind that they have stack of resumes and you want yours to get noticed. So it makes sense to use colorful, textured paper and anything else to make the look and content of your resume unique.
  • It is sometimes better to send your resume directly to the person in charge of the department that you would like to work in.
  • If you apply through a recruiter make your resume computer friendly by using key words. Often recruiters check resume history, querying resume databases, or they highlight the key skills that they are looking for. Your chances to match your resume with the search criteria will be higher.
  • Your resume is like your picture, your business card. You have to "sell" your experience, skills and abilities in the job market.
  • Make it easy to read, don't use very long sentences that are difficult to follow. Short sentences can be skimmed quickly.
  • Grammar and punctuation are very important. If you are not sure about the grammar ask someone to proof-read your resume for you.
  • Make your resume unique and special.
  • Use very readable fonts with optimal size (11-12 pts).
  • Use buzz words (key words) specific to your field and required for your position
  • Present your working experience and education in a way that will interest the company.
  • Use strong, active words in a positive manner.
  • Be sure that you add all the information about yourself. (don't forget the cover letter, to write your address and contact names, company names etc.)
  • Rewrite or delete passages to focus your resume to a specific job application.
  • Be prepared with a list of references that can be used upon request.
  • Ask people around you to have a look at your resume.
  • You can use specialized companies that write resumes for you for a fee (ask for an electronic copy on a disk)


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