How To Talk in an Interview?

by Marcel Ban

This article was provided to you in order to prepare your interview. This is based on our personal experience with hundreds of people that asked for assistance in their interviews.

Prepare an interview before ...

Main Goal: You have to make the interviewer believe then you can do the work they need to have done and you have to prove it by your previous experience .

Model of how to talk:
My name is John Doe, and is a real privilege (pleasure) to have the chance to come for an interview at your company. 

I read a lot about company on your corporate website and I was really fascinated about your business (bring with you a copy of some pages of their website and put them on the table when you start the interview, to show that you made your homework and checked this company)

My previous experience can be an excellent asset for your company. (Here give examples of your previous experience that is a perfect match with what they do - e.g. if they do financial software you can say I have previous experience in banking industry, and I can understand your business  very fast).

At my last position I was directly involved in .... (Explain most of the duties you performed that are relevant to this position, forget those that are obsolete. Make sure you say what the employer is looking for. e.g.  development of new releases of banking software, analysis and design. I used UML and Rational Unified Method to create design documents as I understood your company is going to do) 

You have to know: An employer cannot extract your value, so you have to offer your skills.

Explain previous positions that are relevant, forget those that are in another fields or not important. Say everything they would consider as an asset to their company.

In my previous position I was senior software developer in a team composed of seven  developers. I was the designer for a Java system infrastructure that was going to be used by the entire corporation. I attended several design meetings where we discuss several solution. I had to make final decision based on budget and on requirement  received from our users. I used UML, Rational Rose, IBM Visual Age for Java, JDK1.2 etc...

Before this position I was a intermediate developer for a 50 people company. Main project was to develop an dynamic system on the Internet that can calculate mortgage costs for our bank client. Also this experience I can use in your project.

Be relaxed and expect now questions.

Respond to the technical ones by showing a lot of confidence. 
If they ask you: Did you worked with product X?
(if you did not!) You have to respond: I read about this product, but I never had the chance to use it. Give me the chance to work with, and I am sure I will be able to understand it in very short time. I heard is a very powerful product, but my previous employer was using product Z that is very similar (explain if you can). This is much better than a NO. 

Start to ask question.
Ask the manager to give you a real problem , so you can show how you are able to give a solution.

Ask how come this position is available?

Be prepared to answer why you are trying to leave previous employee? (e.g. I hear great stories about your company, I decided is time to move to a better company where I can use better my potentials etc. (don't say for $$$) 

On everything you do show confidence, please don't be show that you are disparate for this position, be gentlemen/lady and talk for equal position). 

Final Goal: The employer has to end the meeting convinced that you want the job and you are quality for it.


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