To be a successful recruitment practice we must ensure the satisfaction of parties on both sides of the corporate fence - candidates and corporate clients -  it's not an easy job!

As of late, the “war for talent” has become a global problem, not just a local one. Talent acquisition and retention has become mission critical for any business. There is no shortage of great ideas and good business plans, but there is a problem in trying to execute them.


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Due to The Bans' popular newcomer's portal 'Newcomer to Toronto' (1995-2005), the IT seminars and workshops we host and the IT Jobs online search and posting engine we have established, we have succeeded in recruiting countless highly skilled professionals. We were so successful in our original efforts, that we ended up attracting more highly skilled manpower than we could involve in our own projects. As a result, we decided to expand into this area; we launched the recruitment side of our practice and have thrived in this industry ever since.

We commenced our recruitment practice in 1997, by registering our business as a recruitment company with Ministry of Labor. Soon enough, we started receiving requests from our previous customers, who were suffering from a shortage of skilled manpower.

Today, The Bans Consulting Group Inc. owns a large contact database of software professionals located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada and Eastern Europe, representing different specialty areas.

The Bans also provides additional resources that empower hiring managers and employment teams to spend their time and recruitment dollars more effectively.

In 1999 The Bans launched an IT Jobs web database where our customers can logon, register, search and apply for positions.

Developers hiring Developers

Because our company is made up of developers we believe we have a greater ability to source talented IT professionals. The companies we have provided employment for are available for reference and act as a testament to the value of our recruiting service to our clients. We have included a partial list of clients, illustrating the high qualifications and service The Bans have provided in software development, code outsourcing and recruitment.

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