If you are an IT person that has the right to work in Canada and you are looking for an IT position, The Bans Consulting Group Inc. can help you. Register your resume online with TheBans! Also you can send your resume at .

If you are a corporation that is looking for talented IT personnel, please contact us at . Check also TheBans Consulting Practice offering.

Welcome to TheBans Help Job Search Section.

This section was written and updated over the years with information that we thought to be useful for our readers.

We start with two articles that were presented in our job search related seminars:

How to talk to an interview - presented by M.B. - TheBans Consulting Group Inc. President

Interview Guidelines - presented by David Patten - EPSON CANADA INC. Human Resources Specialist

All these information was provided for anybody that is looking for employment in Canada, and especially in Toronto area. The information presented here does not cover every case and situation; it is a basic guide into looking for a career change.



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