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Seeking a challenging opportunity as OOD/OOP Programmer/Analyst with your organization where my knowledge, skills and experience can be extensively applied.

Personal strengths
  • four years of extensive experience with various aspects of computer programming, analysis, development, implementation, testing, maintenance and support.
  • extensive knowledge and hands-on experience of the electrical, mechanical and telecom industries.
  • extensive experience with client/server architectures, data communication, GUI applications design and development in C, C++(MSVC), Java (JDK1.1.6), Visual Basic 4.0, FoxPro, Oracle, XWindow/Motif (SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX).
  • Extensive experience, knowledge and skills on some of the platforms extensively used in the industry – UNIX ( HP-UX, SunOS), Windows NT/95/3.1.
  • excellent ability to plan, organize, prioritize my work and meet deadlines.
  • excellent analytical capabilities, self-motivated, quick learner.
  • fluency in written and spoken French.


Programmer/Analyst Software Applications Dept.
Software Factory Ltd. 01/98 to present

Application Support Group

  • designed and implemented Windows NT/95 communication applications for a large telco company using TCP/IP sockets, Oracle SQL Stored Procedures, multi-processing and multi-threading; worked with specifications for a complex client/server architecture, with multiple servers, on diverse OS's (Windows NT, UNIX)
  • implemented new services on the Visual Basic application in the Information Center of a large insurance company
  • maintained and supported applications for several different projects for large financial institutions, insurance and telecom companies; worked in all the phases of a project, from pilot installation, unit testing, problem determination, configuration investigation, configuration changes, code investigation, code fix, production installation and monitoring; deep understanding of the TCP/IP sockets, multi-threading, client/server architecture
  • technically managed heterogeneous teams working on diagnosing very complex problems
  • designed, developed and implemented in C using TCP/IP sockets a Unix daemon-server that provides supplementary services for data processing applications
  • designed and developed a general purpose GUI configurator using Xwindow/Motif, in C on SunOS
  • designed and developed an application in Visual Basic 6.0, using ActiveX and Winsock controls, interfacing with other applications and accessing an Oracle database
  • assisted other developers with expertise in the design and development of complex applications in VB, C/C++, Oracle using TCP/IP sockets, multi-threading and GUI APIs.

IT Specialist Engineering Department
Fictitious Enterprise Inc. 10/96 to 12/97

  • designed and implemented an application in C and Oracle to download and filter process related data in file format (SunOS) from the Enterprise Central Database
  • designed and developed applications in C/C++, Java (HP_UX and SunOS) to analyze data comma separated file formats downloaded from the Enterprise Central Database; based on the data analysis decisions are recommended for the optimization of the industrial processes
  • designed and developed an application in C on UNIX that optimizes the power lines by computing the minimal route through the network and the optimal entry point from the public power network
  • designed and implemented GUI for the applications specified above - XWindow, MOTIF

R&D Engineer Computer Engineering Department, 09/95 to 09/96
Technical University of Toronto – Canada

  • designed and developed client/server, real-time and GUI applications in VB, FoxPro, Oracle, on Windows 95 and UNIX (HP-UX and SunOS)
  • designed and developed complex Expert System applications in FoxPro and Oracle on Windows 95 using well known algorithms, as well as creating new ones for performance improvement
  • installed, configured and administrated TCP/IP and Novell Networks, with their services, e-mail, Internet connection, web browsers
  • practical supervised work with the students on Computer Networks ( Novell, TCP/IP), and Expert Systems

Software Engineer
Dutch Telecom
, Amsterdam – Netherlands 01/95 to 08/95

Data Interface Development Group

  • designed and developed a complex analysis system in VB v.4 on Windows NT for translating parameters in the Data Interface of a Telephony Switch; by analyzing the requirement specifications (WORD documents), the application generates the data structures used in the APIs code
  • worked with translation tables parameters between different data communications protocols (TCP/IP and Novel/IPX) in the public exchanges
  • worked with very complex data communication algorithms and protocols and complex real time applications


Languages: C++, C (GNU gcc, AIX xlC), MSVC (MFC), Java, Visual Basic HW: Sun SPARC, IBM RS/6000, HP9000, Intel PC
O/S: Unix, WindowsNT/95
SQL: Oracle, FoxPro
Networking: TCP/IP, NetBios, Novel
Publication Packages: Frame Maker 5
Others: write and speak fluently in French, German

1990 - 1995 Master of Science Degree in Computer Engineering Technical University of Toronto - Canada
October 1996 Accounting Software Applications Course provided by the Center for Accounting Certification.
March 1998 Visual Basic v.6 Programming Course - provided by TTY Microsoft Certified Training Center.

PAPERS AND Disertations

  • "Testing Methodology for Data Communications Protocols", Toronto, Canada, 1996
  • "Algorithms for the implementation of Medical Expert Systems", Toronto, Canada, 1997

Available upon request.

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