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  • Do you have any software projects that needs to be completed on time and on budget?
  • Do you need a rewrite of existing applications or a new product?
  • Have you seen your future goals diminishing due to software development delays?

The Bans Consulting Group Inc. is a company of software professionals that are totally dedicated to transforming your vision into reality. We have extensive real life experience in delivering high quality solutions on time. Our staff has substantial software design and development experience. We have an outstanding track record in successfully building projects from the ground up. We have adapted legacy systems and existing software to new technologies. We have worked in different areas of software development from stand alone applications to complex distributed solutions.

Initially, the temptation may be to hire new staff - but what will you do with the extra employees if there is no other project available at the end of the development cycle?

In order to find more about how we work with consultants, please read our article on: How to choose a consultant?

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