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In 1996, we at The Bans Consulting Group Inc., set in motion our Newcomers Guide to Toronto, a comprehensive newcomer's resource to "the New World". We helped numerous people successfully establish themselves, on a professional level and otherwise, in Canada. One of the most desired requests we had was: "I need a Job!"

In exchange for our community efforts, we received excellent practical exposure and expertise in dealing with countless and varied professional backgrounds, levels of experience and domains of activity. 

Today, we possess exceptional expertise in obtaining from our candidates the information that will result in ideal resumes, preparing our candidates for successful interviews and ensuring the successful negotiation of their future job/pay relationship. 

We will increase your confidence by merely bringing to the fore those exceptional qualities that you already possess but may not be aware of; we will ensure you put your best foot forward by way of your resume and in the manner in which you present yourself at interviews and at your new workplace. We want you to be happy with your new job.

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