Corporate Clients

Open & Honest Relationships

We are in this business for the long-term, and therefore, our awareness and respect for your needs and priorities are as crucial to your success as they are to ours. We understand the significance of your operations, and, if we can't locate a potential candidate, we are not afraid to tell you within a very short time frame. 

The Ability to Listen

The art of listening seems long-forgotten in today's fast paced world. How can companies possibly find the right person, however, if they don't listen to their clients needs and those of the potential employee? At TheBans, we realize the importance of listening and we feel this valuable asset can be passed on in creating a more successful match.

IT Knowledge

Recruitment selection and filtering of potential employees is done by a panel of actual IT developers within our organization. Due to our working backgrounds in the IT field (software development), we are capable of determining a potential candidate's knowledge base more effectively, as well as calculating whether their skills are up to scratch.

Competitive Pricing

In this business paying the highest recruitment rates is not always the best strategy. People are not consumer goods that can be categorized, tested, and compared like a car or fridge in Consumer Report magazine. We have all known great employees that don't come with expensive price tags and expensive employees that are ineffective. While the bottom line is that good people don't come cheap, your recruiter doesn't have to gauge you in finding them. 

We look at the relationships we have with clients as partnerships; we help you find the right human capital to developing future growth for your company. From developing job descriptions to applying our strategic human resource modules or outsourcing product development with The Bans Consulting Group Inc., our Recruitment Solutions will not only clarify the positions your company needs now and into the future; we will also help you identify and avoid the organizational changes your company doesn't need or should not make. 

We offer high quality IT recruiting services for a majority of cities in North America. We can provide you with a list of past and present clients illustrating the high level of qualified individuals recruited and the strategic human resource guidance provided to our customers. Just send us an email outlining your needs and your contact co-ordinates.

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