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Horia B., Wireless Architect

Horia has 8 years of experience in the software for telecommunications field, from Public Telephone Switch software development (Alcatel), to administration utilities for carriers (Rogers AT&T and Telus), call center software (IBM Canada) and long and short-range wireless voice & data applications.

He worked in both informal and well-structured environments, in a consulting capacity or as part of teams deep inside corporations.

His skills range from languages like C/C++ (MSVC, VisualAge) and Java (J2SE, J2EE & J2ME), various platforms like Windows NT/2000, UNIX, Linux, Windows CE, PalmOS, J2EE (BEA Weblogic), into technologies like VoIP (Voice over IP), SMS/WAP, Bluetooth, 802.11 WLAN.
He has developed both large server software and end device clients on desktop/laptop, PalmPilot/Visor, PocketPCs (iPaq, HP Jornada) and WAP-enabled cellphones.
Beginning his career in Alcatel CIT in France as part of the E1000 ISDN Switch software development group, he evolved through Rogers AT&T – traffic engineering group -, IBM Canada Call Center group – working on the Callpath Enterprise Servers -, Royal Bank Dominion Securities – Royal Automated Trading System – and lately at Classwave Wireless – on Wireless Polyphony Server and Mobile -.
His career is well assorted with work in the telecommunications industry (Alcatel, Rogers AT&T, Telus) but also in the financial, brokerage and insurance industry (Sunlife, RBC DS).

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