Why outsource?

  • Use existing personnel to complete the tasks in which they are most proficient, thereby maximizing their time and potential.
  • No need to hire new permanent IT personnel.
  • The Bans consulting practices bring extensive experience regarding particular processes, which will save considerable time and money.
  • Implement new solutions and technology without having the burden of in-house expertise, that can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Reduce marketing time by involving companies that implement the best practices and possess extensive experience.
  • Technology transfer to in-house employees is accomplished by involving them in the project, for work/training alongside the  consultants.

What we do different?

Treating clients as partners

Our goal is to deliver a working solution that empowers our client with a custom solution. The Bans offers specialized consultants in training and mentoring roles, allowing us to share real life software development experience with your team. This open exchange of knowledge and experience between The Bans consulting and your company offers great advantages over a classical IT consultancy, which usually results in long-term dependencies by NOT fully sharing knowledge.

Large Network of pre-screened specialized IT labor

The Bans Consulting Group Inc. owns a large contact database of software professionals located in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and Romania. We have thousands of online-members, representing different specialties. We provide additional resources that empower your hiring manager and employment team, so they can spend time and recruitment dollars more effectively.

Cutting Edge methodology and documentation

We all know that trying build around or on top of a piece of software, while lacking documentation, can be a painstaking task. Our methodology, the Rational Unified Process, includes systematic reviews with our clients' existing applications, (following each development iteration) to ensure both the developer and clients are synchronized on deliverables, therefore reducing risk. For our design, we use UML notation, a standard development project tool, thereby facilitating future development by reducing the time investment for reorientation by downstream developers.

Developers hiring Developers

Because our company is made up of developers we believe we have a greater ability to source talented IT professionals. The companies we have provided employment for are available for reference and act as a testament to the value our recruiting service has provided our clients. We have included a partial list of our clients illustrating the high qualifications and service we have provided in software development, code outsourcing and recruitment.


We believe in constantly updating our own skills and the skills of those whom we work with and employ. We host professional IT seminars several times a year; the seminars are targeted to developers and technical managers, through partnerships with software vendors. The Bans usually provides education infused with real-life experience, dealing with particular software from a specific vendor.

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