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Ever since Java came to market a few years ago, our consulting practice has been developing a great amount of expertise in this field. We have accomplished the following:

Successfully implemented large-scale applications using JAVA and J2EE, for a variety of clients.

Created our own set of Java libraries that can be reused for other projects, so your projects get built faster for less money (navigation, validation, data access, multi language support, etc).

Used Java in XML integration B2B projects together with web Methods and other tools.

Experience is starting a Java project from scratch, or by taking an existing project and fine tune and enhance functionality and response time.

Dedicated in making your team understand the technology that is being implemented (knowledge transfer).

We have experience with several Java based technologies, tools and environments:

  • Java Application Servers: BEA webLogic, webSphere, Oracle iAS, Tomcat
  • Java IDE: Eclipse, IBM WSAD, Symantec Cafe
  • Operating systems: SUN, LINUX, WINDOWS
  • XML B2B integration: WebMethods



Some of our completed projects using Java Technologies:

  • Secure Document Transfer Internet Application - an encrypted web-based collaboration tool for legal community to work on documents that needed full audit trail on changes, with user permission in regards to reading/writing.
    Technologies: IBM WebSphere, DB2, JSP, Servlets, EJB, encryption
  • B2B webMethods XML Enterprise Integration - for logistics companies in US and Canada to be able to make shipment requests in one centralized location, and forward the request to the user's selected logistic provider based on a dynamic price matrix. Transaction was electronically transmitted and integrated with existing logistics provider's dispatching software. 
    Technologies: BEA webLogic, Oracle,JSP, Servlets, EJB, XML, webMethods, encryption
  • Medical Document Management System - developed a system able to track all adverse incidents in the state's  health units and medical facilities.
    Technologies: Oracle 9iAS, Oracle, JSP, Servlets,  XML, encryption
  • Communicable Diseases Tracking Software customization - able to do outbreak management, electronic laboratory requisition and result, communicable disease reporting etc.
    Technologies: Tomcat, JSP, Servlets, HL7, XML, Oracle, Oracle Label Security, VPN






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