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Information and information technology resources are valuable assets that must be protected. The purpose of security is to protect and secure resources to provide an environment in which business can be safely transacted.

Therefore, it must implement security services in such a manner that its information infrastructure is protected while, at the same time, its functionality is unimpeded and business services are readily available.

Security services apply technologies to perform the functions needed to protect assets.
Lately security has become one of the most critical elements in ensuring availability of business operation, mainly those that are connected online.

Legislation and daily new security vulnerabilities and threats have to be addressed clearly and on a regular basis.

Security/Privacy key components that we address are:

Identification Establishing a valid and unique identity for a legitimate users of client resources.
Authentication Establishing “proof positive” verification for the identity of transaction or message subjects (service recipients, service providers, application servers).
Authorization and Access Controls Protects the confidentiality and integrity of client assets by preventing unauthorized access and use.
Confidentiality Make sure that information is not available or disclosed to unauthorized usage.
Integrity Protects the contents of the transaction/message by ensuring that has not been altered or destroyed in an unauthorized manner.
Availability and Reliability Ensuring that all needed assets are always available in a timely and reliable manner to authorized users.
Audit and Control Establishing accountability for transaction processing by creating a permanent record of transaction and message history.
Non-repudiation Ensuring that a party to a transaction or message exchange cannot falsely deny involvement.

Other issues that we are addressing:

  • Update security policies
  • Disaster recovery and backup strategies
  • Recommend encryption where needed in order to protect key assets
  • Fill in for personnel that is not trained in security

We have provided security consulting for sectors:

  • Banking sector (extranet implementation)
  • Logistic (B2B integration)
  • Government (Health)
  • Legal Associations (Secure document transfer)
  • Other software firms

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