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The Bans Consulting Inc (www.TheBans.com) owned by Mr. Ban and
Glendon Computer Science Department @ York University has hosted a technology seminar with main guest Rational Software

Rational Unified Process™ and the impact on software creation and practical usage in life projects

  • Rafael Moshe - Account Executive - Rational Software
  • Mrs. Valerie Clark (Glendon College of York University - Liaison Office) will present the process of for recognizing foreign University diplomas and how to start a new high tech career at York University. She will present Glendon College and will provide informative materials.
  • Dr. Eugene Roventa, PhD, Chair of Glendon Computer Science Department will give details concerning two programs - Glendon Computer Science and Glendon ITech (requirements, curriculum, job opportunities and the new proposed Intership Glendon program and long term collaboration with Toronto high-tech based firms)

About seminar:
Seminar type is about new technology.

Every development team shares a common mission: to develop quality software that is delivered on time and on budget, meets current business requirements, and is scaleable to future needs. But without a clear, repeatable process to guide team members through each stage of the development project, such goals are virtually unattainable. Results fall short and are unpredictable; testing is tedious and expensive, and serious flaws are discovered late in the project. The resulting product is difficult to maintain and extend, and is often a poor fit to the user’s real needs. The The Rational Unified Process™ is a Web-enabled software engineering process that enhances team productivity and delivers software best practices to all team members. The process provides prescriptive guidelines, templates and examples for all critical lifecycle activities. This e-coach is non-intrusive and tightly integrated with Rational tools, allowing development teams to gain the full benefits of the Unified Modeling Language (UML), software automation, and other industry best practices. The Rational Unified Process can be adopted to small or large projects, and is used to develop applications of all types, including e-business, Web, IS, real-time, and embedded solutions.

Place: Glendon College of York University, York Hall 129 Glendon College

Address: 2275 Bayview Ave. (Lawrence & Bayview) Toronto ON M4N 3M6

Participants: Around 150 software professionals from Toronto area ranging from IT Managers, Project Managers, Software Developers and Consultants, Newcomers and IT students.


Rafael Moshe making Rational introduction

The Participants

Mrs.Valarie Clark about Glendon and York University 

Mr. Ban explaining how Rational tools have been used at TheBans in practice on client sites.

Mr. Pierre Boutquin author of several books together with Mr. Balog.

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