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B2B webMethods Integration

The Bans Consulting Inc (www.TheBans.com) has hosted a technology seminar with main guest webMethods.

Seminar B2B XML/JAVA Integration
How to Integrate IT Infrastructures across Enterprise and Among Trading Partners?

"Exactly what is B2Bi? It’s a competitive advantage that’s achieved when all business partners can easily exchange information and integrate business processes—in real time, over the Internet—without significant modifications to existing technology or security infrastructure." - webMethods

Featured Guests:
Brenden Mclean – Webmethods
Jason Greenlees - Jason Greenlees - Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities


6:30PM: Welcome message from Marcel Ban - President TheBans.com

6:40PM: webMethods B2B Myths, why we need to integrate IT infrastructures/solutions webMethods - B2B developer overview - Brenden Mclean - Webmethods

7:30PM: TheBans Sample B2B integration application using webMethods (XML via HTTP, FTP, SMTP, RMI) I. Vlasov, I. Salau, S. Tanasescu, R. Bostan, D. Ansari, M. Ban - TheBans
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8:15 PM RBC Dominion Guest speaker: Value Added information – “Learn Four Time Tested Methods of How to Protect Your Investments in Turbulent Markets” by Jason Greenlees - Jason Greenlees, (jason.greenlees@rbcinvestments.com, tel 416-842-2426) an Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities

8:35 PM Questions and Answers

Target audience: IT professionals, managers, IT directors, Infrastructure architects, Internet developers.

About seminar:

Seminar type is about new technology.

To support new Internet business models, companies must integrate their IT infrastructures so they can process a seamless flow of information across the enterprise and among trading partners. Comprehensive B2B integration (B2Bi) integrates packaged, custom, legacy and mainframe systems within the enterprise and links them over the Internet with business systems operated by customers, suppliers, partners and marketplaces. Such a comprehensive solution links individual enterprises together into seamless platforms for extended process efficiency across the supply chain. The result is a virtual enterprise with more resources and strengths than any individual company.

webMethods is the software company currently offering the most comprehensive B2Bi solution. With over 425 customers, webMethods has helped companies such as Dell, FMC, GEON, Juniper Networks, Citibank and others achieve significant returns on their investments. As the market leader in customers, partners, revenue, growth and technology, webMethods is the ideal partner to help a company rapidly deploy a comprehensive B2Bi solution that enables new business models and creates a sustainable competitive advantage.


Canadian Bar Association - 20 Toronto Street, Suite 200, Toronto, ON, Canada - over 120 participants


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