After years of development for various companies, in projects customized for several industries, we have realized that most of the time projects are delayed because of the so-called "enterprise" applications that promise high return on investment, and faster creation and delivery of software applications. In fact, such applications cost companies considerable amounts of money resulting from extra cost packages for maintenance, upgrading, deployment, learning, etc.

Our goal is to produce a robust, easy-to-use and re-use set of components to be setup on any application server, with generic services that make reusing code reality and avoid "reinventing the wheel", by helping developers to produce faster and better code.

We have successfully deployed sets of those components in projects done in several industries.

We also have good knowledge of integrating JAVA J2EE with other tools like webMethods for B2B integration and with Macromedia Flash using Struts infrastructure or custom build components.

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