In order to succeed and have the right web design for you, we have defined a clear process.

Step 1. Defining Requirements

In this phase we will gather the objectives for the web design, then we will try to understand your goals and expectations and how you plan to measure the success of this engagement. The deeper the details are, the better we can plan for your needs.

In order to offer you the web design that will become your strong marketing tool, we need to do some homework together with you:

  • to understand your needs clearly;
  • what do you want to achieve (short term/long term);
  • what/who is your competition;
  • what is your timeframe;
  • how important is the website for you;
  • is your website “the tool” for your promotion/sale or an additional tool;
  • your budget;
  • your technology preferences (where applicable);
  • expected traffic.

Step 2. Define Template

Based on your requirements our dedicated project art director will create a few models of templates for the project. 
We will discuss with you, we will make adjustments, review iteratively, and choose one that will suit you best.

Step 3. Define navigation

Based on your needs we will identify main navigation needs, complexity, define hierarchy, and draw a site map.

Step 4. Create Prototype

Based on the chosen template we will create a sample site that will have navigation included, without being fully functional. After reviewing it with you and your customers, we will adjust where needed (step 2 and 3) and come to an approved/signed set of template, navigation process and menu elements.

Step 5. Web Site Construction

Based on previous steps, our team of developers and graphic artists will create the website and the features wanted. Testing will be performed on our end to make sure code is clear of bugs.

Step 5. Web Site Staging

Completed website will be promoted to a non-production area, where you and your clients can verify accuracy, test the application. Any bugs or minor fixes will be done at no expense to you.
Any change that was not previously documented will be managed as a change request and billed based on a previous estimation.

Step 6. Website Release

After registering the domain name and setting up the servers (if not previously done), we will release your new website (at your convenience) to real life production system.

Step 7. Website launching

Just having a website might not be enough. You have to make your website known to the world. The Bans can help you to achieve most of your promotion needs.

Step 8: Ongoing Site Maintenance

With the release of the site to the outside world, we have completed the phase of creating your website.
However, since public web sites represent your business, and because we live in a very dynamic space, your website must be kept up-to-date and might need on-going maintenance and support. The Bans is committed to help you, through this lifecycle as well.

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